31.05-02.06.19 MuSA 2019
10th International Conference on Music/Sonic Art
Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik, Karlsruhe
Symbiosis – paper presentation

7.05.19 MASS Assembly
Manchester Metropolitan University / Castle Hotel
Symbiosis – paper presentation / Aphonae – Live performance
7-8.05.19 Noisefloor
Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent
Symbiosis – paper presentation
17-19.12.2018 Disrupt Encode Consolidate
Lancaster University
Symbiosis – paper presentation
9-10.11.2018 ISSTA 2018
Ulster University, Derry
Collaboration with Echo Echo Dance Company
22-31.10.2018 Koumaria Residency
Medea Electronique, Greece
Collaborative Residency
10-11.10.2018 NWCDTP Conference
MediaCityUK, Salford
Symbiosis – paper & performance
Jun-Aug.2018 N18 Programme
Great Exhibition of the North, Newcastle
Collaborative residency
10-11.07.2018 Creative Fuse Conference
Newcastle University
Symbiosis with Lucie Lee – Performance & paper presentation
4-5.07.2018 Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference
University of Salford, MediaCityUK
Symbiosis – performance lecture
11.05.2018 Project: Trinity
Charity support, Booth Centre & Winter Night Shelter
Sacred Trinity Church, Salford
04.05.2018 Digital Dance
New Adelphi, University of Salford
Public space performance
11-13.04.2018 Artistic Research Will Eat Itself
9th SAR – International Conference on Artistic Research
University of Plymouth
Symbiosis – paper presentation
22.03.2018 Vi-We-Nous
Konstmuseum, Uppsala
Vi-We-Nous with Teresia Björk


26-29.10.2017 A Grand Exposition
Talbot Mill, Manchester
DeviceD with Lucie Lee
20-22.10.2017 Manchester Science Festival
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK
DeviceD with Lucie Lee
03.10.2017 Workshop
Cast, Doncaster
Symbiosis – strategies for collaborative practice
11-12.09.2017 Carbon Meets Silicon, ITA17
Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham
DeviceD with Lucie Lee
12.07.2017 Manchester International Festival
Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Manchester
Mary Burns Installation
10-13.05.2017 FOCUS Wales 2017
Undegun, Wrexham
Digital Innovation Day – panel discussion
10-12.05.2017 Sound Thought
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Paper presentation Symbiosis & performance Abcousma
05.05.2017 Digital Dance
New Adelphi, University of Salford
Public space performance
03.05.2017 Noisefloor Festival 2017
Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent
Symbiosis with Shona Roberts
27.03.2017 Adelphi Contemporary Music Group
Peel Hall, University of Salford
Brutalisme, by Cally Statham with the BBC Philarmonic string quartet
17-18.03.2017 Sounds like THIS Festival
Leeds College of Music
Krotala with Alexander Pepelasis


08.12.2016 Thursday Lates
The Whitworth, Manchester
Adelpi Jazz/Laptop Sextet
23 – 27.11.2016 Sonorities 2016
SARC, Belfast
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
18 – 20.11.2016 Sines & Squares 2016
Islington Mill, Salford
Unsound Connections
17.11.2016 Untitled_Electroacoustic Night
Marie Antoinette, Berlin
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
22.10.2016 Idle Chatter
Unit 5, Salford
Unsound Connections
12 – 15.10.2016 Vi-We-Nous
Dansmuseet, Stockholm
Vi-We-Nous with Teresia Björk
30.09.2016 Drk Matta
The Three Minute Theatre, Manchester
Unsound Connections
25.09.2016 Metanast presents Hex Bitch Tour
Texture, Manchester
Unsound Connections
7 – 9.09.2016 ISSTA 2016
Ulster University, Londonderry
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay (video installation)
23 – 29.08.2016 Beijing New Dance Festival
Chaoyang Culture Centre, Beijing
Vi-We-Nous with Teresia Björk
22.07.2016 Metanast presents Marinos Koutsomichalis
Texture, Manchester
14.06.2016 Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK, Salford
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
3.06.2016 Lamour
Fylkingen, Stockholm
Vi-We-Nous with Teresia Björk
17 – 22.05.2016  10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Ionian University
Polytechno, Corfu
26.04.2016  NACT – Northern Assembly of Creative Technologists
MadLab, Manchester
Symbiosis presentation
23.04.2016  Turn 2016
Contact, Manchester
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay (video installation)
20.04.2016 Metanast second birthday
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK, Salford
Symbiosis with Ali Matthews & Sean Clarke
24.03.2016 Thursday Lates
Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester
Adelpi Jazz/Laptop Sextet
15.03.2016 Science Cafe, BBC Radio Wales
Presented by Adam Walton, interview by Jeremy Grange
Symbiosis with Ana Berkenhoff (broadcast & interview)
5-6.03.2016  MANTIS Spring Festival 2016
Martin Harris Centre, Manchester
03.03.2016 Moving Minds
Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham
Symbiosis with Ana Berkenhoff
22.02.2016 Metanast
Texture, Manchester
Symbiosis with Shona Roberts
03.02.2016 Diverge
ORT, Birmingham
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
29.01.2016 Test Card
Texture, Manchester
Abcousma & live visuals by Sean Clarke


15 – 16.12.2015 Sound Visionaries
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK, Salford
Abcousma Symbiosis with Ana Berkenhoff
05.12.2015 Mythical Brewery & Metanast – Mono Noise Fest II
Bar Mono, Manchester
24.11.2015 Metanast at Echochroma XIV
Leeds Beckett University, Leeds
Curated concert
18.10.2015 Metanast at the MANTIS Festival 2015
The Zoo, Manchester
Abcousma with Gradient
09.10.2015 Metanast Mono Noise Fest
Bar Mono, Manchester
Laptop Improvisation
28.08 – 20.09.2015 MANTIS Residency
NOVARS Research Centre, The University of Manchester
25.07.2015 Sonic Arts Forum
New River Studios, London
Unsound Connections
02.07.2015 Sonic Arts Forum
University of Huddersfield
Dancing on the Fence
20.06.2015 Gesamtkunstwerk 14
Islington Mill, Salford
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
12.06.2015 SOUNDkitchen
Vivid Projects, Birmingham
with Frances-Kay
21 – 22.05.2015 I’ll See You Again in 25 Years: The Return of Twin Peaks
Egg Suite, MediaCityUK, Salford
Red Room Commission: Twin Peaks-inspired ambient performance, with Danny Saul and Mark Pilkington
17.05.2015 Chorlton Arts Festival
The Lloyds, Manchester
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
8-10.05.2015 Bring & Byte
Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge 
Creative collaborative workshop
18.04.2015 Mythical Brewery Mono Noise Fest
Mono Bar, Manchester
Unsound Connections
3 – 4.04.2015 Electric Nights 2015
Booze Cooperativa, Athens
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
20.03.2015 Sound as Being
LICA, Lancaster
Unsound Connections
19 – 22.02.2015 Salford Sonic Fusion Festival 2015 
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK, Salford
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay
16 – 18.01.2015 HELMCA: Electroacoustic Music Days 2014
Department of Music Technology and Acoustics, TEI Crete, Rethymno
Dancing on the Fence
10.01.2015 Owt for Nowt
The Piazza Centre, Huddersfield
Symbiosis with Frances-Kay


Sine and Squares, 24 – 26 October 2014
Islington Mill, Manchester
Unsound Connections
The1st48 October 2014
24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
Symbiosis, with Frances-Kay
Metanast, 26 September 2014
MediaCityUK, Salford
Scaffold #4, with Frances-Kay
Flow Salford21 September 2014
King’s Arms
Symbiosiswith Shona Roberts
Metanast17 September 2014
Senza, Athens
Unsound Connections
ICMC/SMC 201414 – 20 September 2014
Derelict Stock Exchange, Athens
Dancing on The Fence
Metanast22 August 2014
Fuel Cafe, Manchester
with Stuart Pearce
Anatomy1 August 2014
The Arches, Glasgow
Symbiosis, with Frances-Kay
Metanast3 July 2014
1 Primrose Street, Manchester
Here – installation/performance with Frances-Kay
Corfu Electroacoustic Music Academy / X International Festival, 22 – 28 June 2014
Ionian Academy, Corfu

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
8 June 2014
Abrons Arts Center, New York
Dancing on the Fence
Supersonic Festival – Racket & If Wet31 May – 1 June 2014
Custard Factory & Stryx, Birmingham
Unsound Connections
Metanast – Sonic Quartet, 17 May 2014
44PS (Bangkok Bar), Manchester
Unsound Connections
Medea Electronique – Electric Nights festival26-27 April 2014
Vyrsodepseio, Athens
Unsound Connections
Metanast, 9 Aprl 2014
Underland, Manchester
Unsound Connections
Salford Sonic Fusion Festival 20144-6 April 2014
Islington Mill, Salford
Symbiosis with Shona Roberts
Anatomy 815 March 2014
Summerhall, Edinburgh
Symbiosis with Shona Roberts
Salford Sonic Fusion Project – Adelphi Laptop Ensemble, 21 February 2014
Digital Performance Lab, MediaCityUK & Digital Music Lab, Columbia College
Dancing on the Fence


HELMCA – Electroacoustic Music Days 2013, 6-9 December 2013
Ionian Academy, Corfu
Dancing on the Fence
NOISE ABOVE NOISE, 28 November 2013
Penthouse Northern Quarter, Manchester
Symbiosis  with Frances Kay
Salford Sonic Fusion Project: Hybridity between EDM and electroacoustic music,  8 November 2013
Maxwell Hall, University of Salford
LUTE  – Performance & Paper
Salford Sonic Fusion Project: Inter-Atlantic electroacoustic concert with Columbia College, 1 November 2013
Digital Performance LabMediaCityUK
Emergency 2013, 5 October 2013
Z-arts, Manchester
Symbiosis with Alex Androu
The Experimental Soundingboard1-5 July 2013
University of Brighton
Symbiosis  – Collaborative workshop & performance
Listening Cities, 26-30 June 2013
Ionian University, Corfu
Symbiosis – Paper & performance
Salford Sonic Fusion Festival21-24 March 2013
Egg Suite, MediaCityUK
7412 Paper & performance


Salford Sonic Fusion Festival 2012, 26-29 April 2012
MediaCityUK & Maxwell Hall, University of  Salford
Symbiosis – Paper & Performance