Manoli Moriaty

Sound Movement Performance


2018 – Organisation and Mutual Exploitation in Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Interdisciplinary collaboration in performance practice is an approach that has previously resulted in fruitful outcomes, and is currently modish by funding bodies and academic institutions as exhortations for bridging distinct subjects and practitioners. Nevertheless, the ambiguity of the terms ‘interdisciplinary’ and ‘collaboration’ often leads to leads to misrepresentation, particularly when lacking context on the specific functions, …read more

2017 – Symbiosis: Interspecific Associations in Collaborative Practice

Symbiosis is a pervasive occurrence in nature, describing the close and persistent interaction among organisms of different species aiming to extract benefit for at least one of the interacting organisms. While symbiosis has over the years been the subject of controversy in the fields of General Biology and General Ecology, nowadays there is evident consensus on the phenomenon’s ubiquity, and its importance in accelerating the …read more

2016 – Unsound Connections: No-Input Synthesis System

One of the ongoing projects developed within the author’s sound-art practice, ‘Unsound Connections’, utilises feedback tones and digital signal processing within a live performance system where crude sounds induced by inappropriate usage of audio equipment are shaped and arranged by software audio effects. The resulting composition is a hybrid of aesthetics, technologies, and methodologies found in electroacoustic …read more