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Symbiosis is an interactive performance realised through collaboration between the expressive mediums of sound and physical movement. Exploiting a range of emerging and traditional technologies, performers improvise within a feedback loop where sound and motion are continuously influencing one another. The performance aims to highlight the emergent properties of interdisciplinary interaction in reference to the biological phenomenon of symbiosis. Interaction modes mutate from mutualistic to parasitic, with the balance of expressive liberty modulating between the mediums of sound and movement. The resulting live work combines the mediums not as distinct artistic expressions complementing each other, but as an amalgamation of disciplines within an obligate interdependent system.

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Symbiosis is an ongoing and ever-changing project instigated by Manoli Moriaty, who over the years has developed and presented the performance in collaboration with:

Shona Roberts
Dan Zahler
Frances Kay
Ana Berkenhoff
Ali Matthews