Manoli Moriaty

Sound Movement Performance


Vi-We-Nous is a contemporary dance performance, directed by Teresia Björk and performed alongside Manoli Moriaty. Being the second part in a trilogy about seminal Swedish artist Siri Derkert, Vi-We-Nous is a retrospective of Derkert’s time in Paris in focus with all that it meant to be a woman in the creative process at the time. Björk has in recent years conducted research on the life of Siri Derkert, visited her studio in Montparnasse, and met people who were close to her. With the help of choreography, voice, light, and music, she conveys Derkert’s wayward thoughts and feminist visions. The composer and musician Manoli Moriaty from Manchester performs live on stage and gives life to every moment of the act. Vi-We-Nous was developed during the summer of 2016 in Stockholm, and had its premiere in Beijing as part of the contemporary dance festival “The New” in August at the 9 Theatre of the Chaoyang Cultural Centre. The two performances in China were followed by four shows at Stockholm’s Dansmuseet in October. The work was supported by the Swedish Arts Council and Arts Council England.

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Teresia Björk: choreography, direction, research
Manoli Moriaty: sound design, score, performance
Martin Hellberg: light design
Hâkan Larsson: video

Dageb Nyheter
Svenska Dagbladet
University of Salford research centre