Manoli Moriaty

Sound Movement Performance

Dancing on the Fence

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a vast and ever-changing umbrella term for popular music genres such as Techno, Jungle, and Breakbeat. “Dancing on the Fence” is a collection of sounds, techniques, and ethical values often featured in EDM works, interpreted within an electroacoustic context. Some of dance music’s most famous and overused samples, such as the Amen break, Mentasm stab, and the 808 kick drum, were recorded from original vinyl releases, and then used as raw material for a granular re-synthesis system. The deconstructed sounds were then further treated with EDM-inspired production approaches. Nods to particular clichés of various subgenres are scattered throughout the piece, with the densely-layered arrangement paying respect to the norms of writing for nightclub sound-systems.


HELMCA Electroacoustic Music Days 2014, Corfu & 2015, Rethymnon
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014, New York
International Computer Music Conference 2014, Athens