CMS3Carbon Meets Silicon, ITA17, Glyndwr University, Wrexham

DeviceD is a performative installation showcasing a commentary on our ubiquitous social media interactions, how these impact users in positive or negative manners, and the relationship between private and public identity.

The work places a dancer within a fenced perimeter, with sonic and visual elements projected onto the performer. Using a bespoke array of online communication software and bidirectional wearable sensors, the system is able to recognise real-time twitter interactions and translate them to commands for the vibrating motors worn by the dancer, who then interprets them as instructions for her performance. The performer’s ensuing movements produce gesture data which control the audiovisual elements of the installation.

Visitors can engage with the installation by interacting on the specific twitter channels the system is monitoring for activity, and in turn conduct the performer’s improvised choreography.

CMS49Carbon Meets Silicon, ITA17, Glyndwr University, Wrexham

DeviceD has been developed with support by the British Science Association, Cornbrook Creative, and the University of Salford.


Manoli Moriaty – sound design, movement interaction
Lucie Lee – visuals, choreography
Barry Carter – web interaction, sensors design
Adam Hart – additional programming

Carbon Meets Silicon programme poster